How to Activating Your Free SSL Certificate With SKY HOST StackCP

Free SSL/TLS Certificate

How to Activating Your Free SSL Certificate With SKY HOST StackCP

For many years now, websites have needed SSL certificates for security, authentication, and search engine optimisation. We work with Let’s Encrypt to give you free SSL certificates for your websites, and they are available on any of our web hosting packages. Here is how you get your SSL certificate up and running.

First off, log into your SKY Host Control Panel , Once you are logged in, scroll down the page to the Security section and click the SSL/TLS option.

lets encrypt free ssl

You will have a few options, but the one you need is at the top of the page — the Free Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Click “Activate Free SSL” and it will be activated on both your domain and any subdomains you’ve already set up (such as

Once you have activated your SSL certificate, it can take up to 31 minutes for our load balancers to refresh and for it to fully kick in.

You can also make sure all connections run through HTTPS by enabling Force HTTPS  Scroll down on the page and click the “Enable Forced HTTPS” button.


This is not recommended for WordPress sites. If you’re using WordPress, you would be better off downloading a plugin such as Really Simple SSL which will force all connections to HTTPS for you.

Once your SSL certificate has kicked in, you should be able to access your site through HTTPS automatically. But remember, if you have any issues, please raise a support ticket and let us know how we can help.