How do I get SSH access to my hosting?

How do I get SSH access to my hosting?

To configure SSH access to your package please login to the hosting control panel and then go to the Security section and click on SSH Access:

You will then have the options to setup SSH access using two factor authentication or keypairs depending on your preferred method.

For two factor authentication you will need to setup an SSH password and then download the Google Authenticator app. Once the password is set you wil be provided with a barcode which, if scanned, will then give you a six digit code to use when connecting via SSH. This code is timed and will be refreshed when it’s period of use is up:

Once activated it will take up to thirty minutes for these changes to take effect and you will then be able to connect. To do so use the following command substituting your domain as appropriate:


You will be prompted for the verificaiton code from Google Authenticator and the password you have created, once entered you will then be connected.

For details on setting up keypair authentication click here for our guide.